Please complete the below information in English *Mandatory
The Bank accepts online submission of only the required documents for your credit card application, the credit card related services application form and your latest income proof. Please do not use this service to submit other information, instructions or report any urgent matters (e.g. reporting of fraud or suspicious transactions). Should you have any queries, please call our Customer Service Hotline at 317 95533.
The Bank may use the income proof to conduct credit reviews of your existing credit facilities.
1. Credit Card Application, Credit Card Related Services or Latest Income Proof Credit Card Application
Credit Card Related Services (applicable to existing credit card customers only)
Latest Income Proof (applicable to existing credit card customers only)
2. Document Type Supporting Documents for Principal Card Application
Supplementary Card Application Form and Supporting Documents
3. Application Channel
AIA Agent
Not Applicable
4. Your HKID Card No. / PRC ID Card No. / Passport No. HKID Card No. PRC ID Card No. Passport No.
Please enter your HKID Card No.
(e.g. A123456(7) as A1234567)