I am an existing customer of China Construction Bank (Asia) I would like to apply for Dual Currency Debit Card. The following is my information:
Customer Name   :  
HKID/Passport No.   :  
  (Please input alphabet and number only)
Daytime Contact Tel No.   :  
I would like to access my following sole owned or anyone-to-sign joint name HKD/RMB savings or HKD checking accounts for Dual Currency Debit Card.
Primary Account No.    :  
  (can either be HKD or RMB account)
Account No.   :  
Account No.   :  
China Construction Bank (Asia) Dual Currency Debit Card Instruction
Card Collection Instruction
To be collected at     Branch
To be mailed to the bank's recorded correspondence address

I hereby request the Bank to accept and act on instructions given from time to time by, or on behalf of, me by the use of Electronic Banking Services and to enter into transactions with me subject to the terms of and within the scope set out in the Bank's Terms and Conditions for Electronic Banking Services from time to time issued by the Bank.
I agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions which are available at the Branches of the Bank. I agree and request the Bank debit the amount of all applicable fees and related transaction charges from my account maintained with the Bank.

I acknowledge and confirm that any personal data regarding me provided in connection with this application will be handled in accordance with the Bank's current Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance Notification("Notification"). Hardcopies of the Notification are displayed and available in each of the Bank's Branches.
1. If you would like to replace your RMB Card by Dual Currency Debit Card, please visit any one of our Branches or call our Bank By Phone at (852) 277 95533. Your existing RMB Card has to be returned upon card issuance request if you would like to keep your existing card number and password unchanged.
2. When using China UnionPay ATM and POS in Mainland China, your RMB account (if available) will have first priority to be accessed.
3. When using VISA PLUS ATMs, only HKD account can be accessed.