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e-Valuation Terms and Conditions
a. The terms and conditions under Disclaimer and Privacy Statement applies.
b. e-Valuation offers an indication of the value of your property. It is not intended to be adopted as a formal valuation and is therefore not binding on the Bank.
c. The Bank reserves the right to value your property in the event you make an application to the Bank for a mortgage on your property.
d. e-Valuation of your property is based on the following assumptions :
  (1) the information provided is accurate, complete and up to date,
(2) the vacant possession of the property will be delivered on completion,
(3) the internal of the property is in reasonable condition,
(4) there is no illegal structure in the property,
(5) the property is subject to good title,
(6) the property is free from all encumbrances,
(7) there is no premiums or any other payments due and outstanding from the property.
e. Reliance on the e-valuation is solely at your own risk and the Bank shall not be held liable to you or to any party whatsoever for any loss or damages you suffered.
f. The terms and conditions in the English version shall prevail whenever there is a conflict with the Chinese version.
g. By subscribing to the e-valuation service, you agreed to be bound by all the terms and conditions applicable to this site.